This page is here to help you to find the perfect size for your wrist.

Also you find information what to do if you want to change the size after receiving your order.

Just measure your wrist tight and choose from the size picture your correct NEPTN size.

We take care about adding just the right amount of length to your final bracelet that it will fit perfectly.
No matter which kind of claps or whether it is a single or double or even triple bracelet.

You can check these two pictures for the perfect size of your bracelets.




If you don't have a measure tape on hand, you can print this PDF instead and cut out the NEPTN measurements.
Just make sure you print on an A4 Format to assure the correct scaling.

Click on on the picture below to download the PDF picture:





We want you to have a long-lasting excellent experience with your new NEPTN jewelry. 
The perfect fit is an essential part of that. This is why we make it very easy for you to change your size.

Just follow these steps and we will change your NEPTN piece to your desired size.


1. Print out our SIZE CHANCE form. Please click the link below to download the PDF file:

2. Fill in your desired size as well as your order number and your name.

3. Send the filled out SIZE CHANGE form and the NEPTN jewelry to our office address: 

Please add 5 EUR for new shipping & handling.

    Regensburger Str. 6A
    93326 Abensberg


    4. Upon receiving your item, we will take care of new length and send back to you as fast as possible.

    ~happy wearing~

    Your NEPTN Team